School Holiday Program



Every School Holidays Auburn Youth Centre run a variety of in house activities and excursions. We try and have these activities posted one month before the holidays. Please feel free to call the Centre on 9646 2122 for more information or email

We have 3 excursions that are only for young people in these holidays, Jamberoo, Olympic Park Aquatic Centre and Bundeena in the Royal National Park.

Our full program for JANUARY 2023 can been seen by clicking here .

Our Centre is open for drop in activities throughout the holidays from 10.30am to 5.30pm. Our cafe is open each day, you can get a burger, fries, shake for about $6.50.  (we will be closed Monday 3rd October as it is a public holiday)

For some events and activities you must register.  Please click HERE TO REGISTER 

Alternatively you can visit AYC at any time and register in person and fill out a registration form.

Spaces are limited, so act quickly! All activities are free and supervised. When you register for an excursion you must wait for the Centre to call you to confirm your place.

Conditions of Enrolment and Event Policies are described in the following sections.


  • All young people must become a member, membership is free.
  • Hands must be washed and sanitised before entering the Centre.
  • If you are unwell, are coughing, sneezing or have a temperature you cannot be in the Centre.
  • All flat surfaces, door handles, taps, desks, computers are disinfected at the start of the day and again in the early afternoon..
  • Gloves are available at the entry
  • We reserve the right to exclude people with COVID-19 symptoms until a clear COVID -19 test is completed.

To see our  January 2023 School Holiday Program please click here

Conditions of Registration:

-In order to book in, you need to complete the registration form. You will be notified if the process has been successful.

-All activities are strictly intended for young people between the ages of 12-21 years.

-Participants must maintain full responsibility of their belongings while attending this program.

-All participants must adhere to health and safety instructions and behave in a way that is safe for all participants, staff and volunteers.

-Auburn Youth Centre is a place where people come together to socialize and learn. Participants found to behave inappropriately, in a threatening manner, or show disrespect for the beliefs, values and opinions of others may be asked to leave the program/s.

-Auburn Youth Centre reserves the right to cancel a program at any time. For outdoor programs or programs involving physical activity, poor weather or extreme heat may result in cancellation of the program. An alternative indoor program will be held whenever possible in these circumstances.

-All information collected in this enrolment form is for the purposes of managing and delivering programs at the Auburn Youth Centre. All information will be collected and stored in line with the Centre’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policies.


You must be aged 12 – 24 to attend our program. All activities are Free. If you register for an activity or excursion PLEASE ATTEND. It costs AYC money to run programs. We purchase items in line with registrations. If you don’t show up things go  to waste. We pre book all excursions, if you don’t attend we lose that money. For example Jamberoo, each person that does not show up on the day costs AYC a $69 ticket. Other people who wanted to go also miss out because people do not cancel 48hours before to give us time to fill the places.  In our last school holidays we lost over $1000 because people were registered and did not attend on the day. More than 40 people also missed out on excursions.


School Holiday program Policy

Generally, more people book for excursions than can attend. AYC must select who can attend. We try to be fair and share the opportunities across all applicants. AYC assesses each application in accordance with the eligibility criteria listed below and desires to give all an opportunity.


Auburn Youth Centre gives priority to those who are disadvantaged and residing in and around the Cumberland LGA. The criteria for determining this is based on:

  • Being on a Government benefit
  • Being from a low income household
  • Being an unattended minor
  • School age

Failure to attend Excursions:

  • Places are valuable and excursions are generally prepaid. Please notify us 48 hours before the excursion if you cannot attend. Failure to do so will mean that you will not be able to attend excursions in next school holidays. This policy is aimed at ensuring that money and opportunity is not wasted.

In House Activities

We require all applicants to be aged between 12-21 or as otherwise noted in the program.

Centre based programs sometimes ask for registrations. If you wish to participate in these programs you must register. We do this so we can be sure that we have enough resources available.

Young people can drop in to the Centre over the holidays. However, if they are not registered when required for an activity, they will not be able to participate.

Registration Deadline:

There is a strict deadline for all applications, that being 1 week before the activity.  Registration forms MUST be submitted to AYC by this deadline or applicants may be unable to participate in set programming.

Notification of places:

Excursions: People will be notified (by phone or email) on which excursions they can attend.

Centre based programs: Please assume that you have gained a place. You will only be notified if you have not gained a place in the activity.


Please prepare own lunch (food & drink) for all the excursions. Please wear appropriate clothes and bring sunscreen.

Free lunch will be provided for some drop-in activities


To see our  SUMMER 2023  School Holiday Program please click here