Our Story – Creating Opportunity, Building Community

Auburn Youth Centre Inc. is an independent charitable organisation governed by a Board of Directors elected by AYC members.

AYC relocated to Church Street Wyatt Park Lidcombe in 2014 from its previous home in Mary Street, Auburn. AYC receives subsided rent from Cumberland Council for the use of the premises at Wyatt Park. Our core funding comes from the NSW Government .

Established in 1986, AYC is a service that continues to bring young people of all cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds together to access the Centre’s facilities and programs. We provide individualised support, activities and programs for young people aged 12-24 and their families. 

Our difference is that we are not aligned to any cultural, religious, social or ethnic group,  being open and welcoming to all young people. We cross all socio-economic groups as all our activities are free. We hope to build a harmonious community and assist in creating pathways towards a positive and healthy future for young people. We strive to break down the barriers associated with culture, language, education, economic disadvantage, established stereotypes and racism that can affect young people. Whilst open to all young people we have a soft spot for the most disadvantaged, actively seeking to support those 1 in 9 young people aged 15-24 who are neither working or in education,  those who are newly arrived in Australia and those struggling with mental health issues.

With the support of Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club and Cumberland Council the Wyatt Park Centre has been upgraded to contain a music recording studio, music room, computer lab, study room, wifi, basketball hoop and small small indoor soccer and sporting court. It is with particular pride that we now have a a commercial training kitchen and cafe for young people. We are looking to create educational and employment opportunities for young people, not just in catering and hospitality but in business, music, events and sport. It is an exciting future for AYC and for the community. To see and hear about AYC Please click here 

Our journey also involves bringing more services and supports for young people into the Centre.  We are proud to have the Woodville Alliance – Strong Minds, mental health early intervention,  in office space inside the Centre. Also in the Centre are Creating Chances who facilitate great leisure and sports mentoring programs  We have recently provided office space to the Somali Australian Community Association.

AYC  supports  many other community groups thrugh the provision of free of  highly subsidised use of the Centre. Included are groups supporting  people of the Pacific Islands, Afghani, South Sundanese, Somali, Indian and Philippine communities.  AYC has an ongoing partnership with the Gallipoli Mosque and supports a number of  Islamic Groups who access the Centre for special Occasions. AYC is proud of it’s ongoing partnership with Auburn Small Community Organisation Network providing  Humanitarian support from the Centre and the Australian African Football Association. Over the coming years we look forward to new partners entering the Centre.

In 2022 AYC supported 1501 young people, an increase of 31% on 2021.  Those young people identified as being born in more than 55 different countries. We found people work, we supported people into education, we helped them find homes, we helped with legal and health matters and sadly but proudly helped many young people confronted by bullying and violence. We created safe outlets for fun, learning and new friendships and along the way hope that we have made a difference. During the pandemic we have supplied material aid to over 300 families. This included over 1900 free meals and grocery packs. 

AYC’s work is made possible with support from government, corporate Australia and local community partners. AYC also thanks all the people who volunteer their time and expertise to the Centre and to the youth of Auburn.

AYC’s major projects are funded by the Department of Community and Justice . To maintain our projects we also rely on the support of Cumberland Council, philanthropic organisations and fundraising activities. Click here to donate and to help young people in the community

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