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February 28, 2021 - 1:00 pm

We invite young men and women aged 16 – 24 from across NSW who are open to diversity of thought and aspire to become positive agents of change to apply for this program. The program will be delivered through a partnership between the Gallipoli i-Youth Centre, Auburn Youth Centre, Giving Back Australia and Lighthouse Community Services, and through the COMPACT Alliance network. What will the program involve?

The program will prepare 20 young Australians to:
–  Express their personal views and thoughts with confidence;
–  Gain the necessary leadership skills and mentoring skills to influence change within the
– Help develop local solutions to local issues
–  Receive ongoing training and mentorship
Program Format:
The 20 young participants selected for the program will be consulted in all stages of this program, through which they will shape the delivery of the program. Youth participants will undergo a range of training, these will include:
1. A three-day leadership camp focusing on adaptive leadership training, a practical leadership framework whereby leaders do not necessarily have all the answers but have to engage, orientate and support each other and work together to find new solutions
that will meet the objectives of the project. The leadership camp will be promoting, inspiring and empowering young people to build strong resilient characters. This camp is scheduled to take place during the April school holidays.
2. Ongoing workshops provided by our project partner Lighthouse Community Support incorporated in the form of monthly group workshops focused on promoting critical thinking and problem-solving through the lens of raising awareness, facilitating
dialogue and enhancing critical thinking to resolve community conflict, tension, racism and hate.
3. A 12-week program with partner Giving back Australia. This stage will put into practice the new leadership, resilience and grit skills, and will reinforce their reliance training. The program will involve the various charitable works of Giving Back
Australia. It will include workshops on the charity sector, hands-on experience at Giving Back Australia warehouse and front-line delivery of charitable services. The program will facilitate methods to engage young people in volunteering, community
service and charity and local humanitarian work, as per youth engagement methods in grant guidelines.
4. Social media/digital marketing training, including ways to create successful media content that can be used to counter negative narratives online, to combat hate and promote whole-of-society cohesion and resilience. Participants will then create an online youth network for the sole objective of creating a positive narrative to share through social media platforms. This network will be a platform for the sharing of ideas, forming friendships, collaborating with youth peers for the sole purpose of creating content to counter negative narratives – it will not mean to replicate or compete with existing youth networks. Drawing from their initial and ongoing training, and their experience with the charity component of the project through Giving Back Australia, the participants will – through the newly formed network – create a range of shareable media for consumption on social media (on the newly created social media presence (under the ‘brand’) and share on online platforms.

More Information
If you have any questions regarding this project please call us on 964 62122.

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Applications close on 28/02/2021