Executive Officer

The Executive Officer is primarily responsible for the strategic development and operational management of the Auburn Youth Centre (AYC). This role is the main operational representative of the organisation and reports directly to the elected Board of Directors. The Executive officer is here to support all staff and to oversee programs and services delivered by the centre.

Our Executive Officer is DEAN DE HAAS. Dean has 25 years of Senior Management experience including roles at the Wayside Chapel, Canterbury Earlwood Community Centre, Northern Area Tenants Service and St George Migrant Resource Centre. Dean has sat on advisory and consultative committees for the Federal and State Governments,  TAFE NSW, Local Area Police Commands and Local Government and steered organsations through accreditation under Aged Care, Home and Community Care and Disability Service Standards. Dean has over 15 years experience in working with children and young people and has been supervising students from the community sector for over 20 years.

Dean comes from a migrant back ground, this has  informed his  passion for social justice, equity and fairness. He enjoys sport, the beach and enjoying restaurants and great food with friends.

Please feel free to email Dean at dean@ayc.org.au or call us on 02 9646 2122 with any other queries relating to the programs, the Centre or the services provided. If you have ideas or complaints you can also contact Dean