About AYC

Our Vision

A connected community where all young people can pursue their dreams and fulfil their potential.

Our Mission

To empower young people to become the architects of their community and their future.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Inclusion
  • Equity
  • Accountability

Our Purpose

Based in the Cumberland LGA, AYC aims to:

  • Bring young people of all cultures, faiths, genders and abilities together in a community of understanding and acceptance.
  • Empower young people through education, training, counselling, recreation and individualised support.
  • Support and challenge young people to make informed and healthy decisions.
  • Respond to the needs of the individual and community as identified by young people.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

AYC is proud to have stayed open for the majority of the pandemic. We have not had a COVID case originating from AYC. We have achieved this through good infection control, following of the NSW Health rules and  through the efforts of the team and all visitors to the Centre. Thankyou for your continued support.       
    • If you are feeling unwell please do not attend the Centre
    • Hands must be sanitised before entering the Centre.
    • AYC  reserves the right to exclude someone showing symptoms of COVID-19 until they produce a clear COVID test.
    • All flat surfaces, door handles, taps, desks, computers are disinfected at the start of the day and again in the early afternoon.
    • Gloves, masks and disinfectant are available at the entry of Centre for those who wish to use them

How We Work

AYC actively responds to the identified needs of young people through creating relevant and dynamic programs and by working with young people in an open and empowering manner.

Our programs and activities are:

  1. Developed in consultation with youth and other community members.
  2. Run to be culturally appropriate for all youth.
  3. Bound by confidentiality and privacy laws.
  4. Flexible and adaptive to the needs of individuals and communities.
  5. Overseen by qualified and culturally aware staff.

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Our Story – Creating Opportunity, Building Community

Auburn Youth Centre Inc. is an independent charitable organisation governed by a Board of Directors elected by AYC members.

AYC relocated to Church Street Wyatt Park Lidcombe in 2014 from its previous home in Mary Street, Auburn. AYC receives subsided rent from Cumberland Council for the use of the premises at Wyatt Park. Our core funding comes from the NSW Government .

Established in 1986, AYC is a service that continues to bring young people of all cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds together to access the Centre’s facilities and programs. We provide individualised support, activities and programs for young people aged 12-24 and their families. 

Our difference is that we are not aligned to any cultural, religious, social or ethnic group,  being open and welcoming to all young people. We cross all socio-economic groups as all our activities are free. We hope to build a harmonious community and assist in creating pathways towards a positive and healthy future for young people. We strive to break down the barriers associated with culture, language, education, economic disadvantage, established stereotypes and racism that can affect young people. Whilst open to all young people we have a soft spot for the most disadvantaged, actively seeking to support those 1 in 9 young people aged 15-24 who are neither working or in education,  those who are newly arrived in Australia and those struggling with mental health issues.

With the support of Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club and Cumberland Council the Wyatt Park Centre has been upgraded to contain a music recording studio, music room, computer lab, study room, wifi, basketball hoop and small small indoor soccer and sporting court. It is with particular pride that we now have a a commercial training kitchen and cafe for young people. We are looking to create educational and employment opportunities for young people, not just in catering and hospitality but in business, music, events and sport. It is an exciting future for AYC and for the community. To see and hear about AYC Please click here 

Our journey also involves bringing more services and supports for young people into the Centre.  We are proud to have the Woodville Alliance – Strong Minds, mental health early intervention,  in office space inside the Centre. Also in the Centre are Creating Chances who facilitate great leisure and sports mentoring programs  We have recently provided office space to the Somali Australian Community Association.

AYC  supports  many other community groups thrugh the provision of free of  highly subsidised use of the Centre. Included are groups supporting  people of the Pacific Islands, Afghani, South Sundanese, Somali, Indian and Philippine communities.  AYC has an ongoing partnership with the Gallipoli Mosque and supports a number of  Islamic Groups who access the Centre for special Occasions. AYC is proud of it’s ongoing partnership with Auburn Small Community Organisation Network providing  Humanitarian support from the Centre and the Australian African Football Association. Over the coming years we look forward to new partners entering the Centre.

In 2022 AYC supported 1501 young people, an increase of 31% on 2021.  Those young people identified as being born in more than 55 different countries. We found people work, we supported people into education, we helped them find homes, we helped with legal and health matters and sadly but proudly helped many young people confronted by bullying and violence. We created safe outlets for fun, learning and new friendships and along the way hope that we have made a difference. During the pandemic we have supplied material aid to over 300 families. This included over 1900 free meals and grocery packs. 

AYC’s work is made possible with support from government, corporate Australia and local community partners. AYC also thanks all the people who volunteer their time and expertise to the Centre and to the youth of Auburn.

AYC’s major projects are funded by the Department of Community and Justice . To maintain our projects we also rely on the support of Cumberland Council, philanthropic organisations and fundraising activities. Click here to donate and to help young people in the community

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AYC Board


Lasya Rao

Lasya is a young media professional who for 5 years was employed in the public relations field as the Group Communications Executive at Volkswagen Group Australia.  At Volkswagen Lasya was responsible for writing press statements, managing a large departmental budget, coordinating events and creating communications plans. Recently Lasya has commenced a role with  the Australian Trade and Investment Commission as the Community Engagement Manager – Landing Pads helping start up businesses land in innovation hubs around the world.  Lasya has experience working with young people of diverse backgrounds. In a three-year term as a tutor at the University of Sydney Writing Hub, she helped numerous ESL and EFL students improve their writing skills in order to achieve their academic targets. Lasya also served as a secretary at the university student union, overseeing administration of over five Board subcommittees/working parties. Lasya also brings the perspective of young people to our Board.

Deputy Chairperson

Garth Williamson

Garth is a seasoned executive and sales & marketing expert with over 2 decades of business experience. He started out in the Health & Fitness industry where he set up a consortium of corporate gyms before pivoting to the technology sector. Garth spent 10 years at Microsoft in various sales and management roles before leaving to set up a successful online start-up. Most recently involved in consulting for start-ups and serving as a Managing Director at Australia’s largest multicultural news media organisation, his expertise aligns to AYC’s strategic vision. He sits on several advisory boards but his passion belongs with AYC. With a family connection to adult literacy and numeracy programs, Garth has always made the time to give back; being involved in several corporate programs targeting disadvantaged youth and their communities. His philanthropic passion and commercial acumen are key in the development of AYCafe and our move to become an RTO. Grateful for the opportunities he’s had, Garth is humbled by the work AYC carries out and the success stories they continue to create. An amateur travel photographer, he enjoys exploring new places and cultures. He also finds a grounding in growing chillies and building vertical gardens. Recently married, he and his wife recently welcome their baby daughter into the world who continues to school them on sleep deprivation.



Lisa Pham Tran

Lisa is a Chartered Accountant with 4 years’ experience in accounting and finance. She currently works at PwC in the Corprorate Value Advisory division providing valuation advisory services to private and public companies.  Prior to this Lisa worked for Deloitte in the Business Advisory Services team, here she developed her skills in preparing financial statements including work for for not-for-profit and charitable organisations.. Her passion for equality led her to be involved with AYC. Her multicultural background, life experiences and recent graduation from AYC’s youth target population bring insight into the issues facing young people and those from Culturally and linguistically Diverse backgrounds. Lisa joined the Board in August 2018 and became treasurer at our AGM in October, 2018.


Trish Richards

Trish Richards has a passion for making a difference and supporting youth. She has a long history of working with youth, over 25 years ago she was the Youth for Understanding Regional Manager for NSW. She has served on 5 different Boards, from Member to Advisor and on various Board Committees, both locally and globally.

Trish holds maters degrees in Law, Social Science and Education, being a Dr of Adult Education. Trish is also a Justice of the Peace.  Her career has been in senior Human Resources roles across the Media, Travel and Consumer Goods industries.

She is the mother of a young Adult, a passionate cook and an avid reader.


Board Member

Chris Naughton

Chris is a lawyer with over 30 years of commercial experience including having served as Chairman of Trustees of the NSW Responsible Gambling Fund, CEO of two listed anti-cancer research Companies, and Chairman of a US Biomedical company.
He has a Bachelor of Laws from UNSW, a Bachelor of Economics from ANU, and completed the PMD at the Harvard Business School.

Board Member

Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone has a background in HIV and sexual health, holding a Bachelor of Liberal studies(Psychology) and Master of Health Science (Sexual Health) from the University of Sydney. Andrew became involved with AYC when working in youth sexual health in Western Sydney. Andrew was inspired by  the work AYC did  with disadvantaged young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and after he moved on from his job joined AYC’s board to stay involved with its work.



Board Member

Elise Buisson

Elise Buisson’s interests lie in women and children’s health, health equity, and healthy public policy. She is currently completing her training as a medical doctor in Western Sydney and undertaking a postgraduate qualification in child and adolescent health.

Elise’s belief in the importance of the social determinants of health has brought her to AYC, in the hope of contributing to a fairer, safer and healthier future for the young people of Western Sydney. Elise has held prior appointments on the editorial advisory committee of the Medical Journal of Australia, as a summer research scholar at the Queensland Brain Institute, as the President of the Australian Medical Students’ Association, and on a number of health related advocacy and policy development committees.

Elise is a young mother who resides in the Cumberland LGA. 

Board Member

Hussain Rajwani


Hussain Rajwani is currently a Research and Policy Adviser at Settlement Services International – a non-government organisation focused on assisting the most vulnerable populations contribute socially and economically to Australian society. Hussain was previously a Social Policy Adviser at Commonwealth Treasury and has been a Social Inclusion Adviser at the Aga Khan Foundation, UK.

Hussain completed a Law and Commerce degree at Macquarie University, a two-year graduate program in Islamic studies at The Institute of Ismaili Studies, London and a Masters in Public Policy, Governance and Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Hussain has a keen interest in the diverse communities of interpretation within Islam and has more than five years of experience facilitating workshops and camps for young adults on topics such as Islamic architecture, ethical decision making, spirituality and pluralism. Hussain grew up in the Cumberland area and still lives nearby.


Chair Person

Marc Hassan

Marc Hassan has over 20 years commercial experience in industries including Finance, Hospitality, ICT, Manufacturing and logistics in both Australia and the UK. He has served as a Company Secretary and Finance Director in a multinational Company and also has experience in start-ups and running his own company.
Marc is experienced in providing CFO advisory services and consultation, guiding new business development and leading audit, forecast and risk management functions.
In addition to being a CPA, he holds an honours degree in English Literature and has industry qualifications in programming and database administration.
Marc is passionate about mental health and youth issues.


AGM Reports

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  • Consolidated Annual General Management Report 2017-2018
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