Our Staff

Executive Officer

The Executive Officer is primarily responsible for the strategic development and operational management of the Auburn Youth Centre (AYC). This role is the main operational representative of the organisation and reports directly to the elected Board of Directors. The Executive officer is here to support all staff and to oversee programs and services delivered by the centre.

Our Executive Officer is DEAN DE HAAS. Dean has 25 years of Senior Management experience including roles at the Wayside Chapel, Cantetrbury Earlwood Neighbourhood Centre, Northern Area Tenants Service and St George Migrant Resource Centre. Dean has sat on advisory and consultative committees for the Federal Government,  TAFE, Area Police Commands and Local Government and steered organsations through accreditation under Aged Care, Home and Community Care and Disability Service Standards. Dean has over 15 years experience in working with children and young people and has been supervising students from the community sector for over 20 years.

Please feel free to email Dean at dean@ayc.org.au or call us on 02 9646 2122 with any other queries relating to the programs or the services provided.

Youth Worker

The role of the Youth Worker is to provide individual and group-based community support specifically to ‘vulnerable’ groups of young people, including those from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD); Refugee/Migrant) and in Out-of-Home-Care (OoHC) backgrounds.

The youth worker will assist young people to engage with and access services at Auburn Youth Centre and other appropriate services by providing assertive community outreach across the Auburn LGA. These services include education, employment, health and, life skills and giving opportunities to build social networks. Existing programs include a Boys day program, Work development orders, Links to learning, School holiday program and Case work.

This is a free service and anyone can make a referral to the Youth Worker. Please feel free to email at admin@ayc.org.au or call us on 02 9646 2122 with any other queries relating to the referral process or the services provided.

Adolescent And Family Counsellor

AYC also has a full time counsellor who is available by appointment. This is a free service and anyone can make a referral to the AYC Counsellor.

The counsellor works face to face with clients, using a client centred and culturally appropriate approach with a wide range of interventions and therapies that is suitable to each individual and their background. Counselling is provided to young people aged 12-24 and/ or their parents who are living in the Auburn and surrounding areas.

AYC also provide psycho-educational interactive workshops to the students which can help raise awareness, self-improvement and strengthen community responsibility. A number of programs have been successfully delivered to schools in the Western Sydney Area which include conflict resolution, stress management, self-esteem and anger management however we can also tailor a workshop to the requirements of your students. AYC uses several presentation styles to actively involve young people, including youth-led small group activities; peer-to-peer learning and art, music and drama workshops. We can also provide support services for families in how to best engage with their adolescent children. Continuous support is always offered

You can download our referral form here or alternatively, the referral can be emailed to jean@ayc.org.au. Please feel free to email or call us on 02 9749 2321 with any other queries relating to the referral process or the services provided.

AYCafe Coordinator

AYCafe Coordinator is a role filled by a skilled and experienced business person and chef.

The role oversees AYCafe and AYCatering and is responsible for producing tasty, healthy, culturally appropriate food and  beverages whilst meeting all the regulations relating to a functioning cafe and catering business.

AYCafe coordinator is also responsible for training and supporting young people to get jobs in the hospitality industry. Under the guidance of the AYCafe Coordinator young people are able to get qualifications and work experience in,

  • Food Handling
  • Food Safety
  • RSA & RCG
  • Barista
  • Business
  • Customer Service
  • Commercial Cooking

If you would like to contact the AYCafe Coordinator regarding employment training email sue@ayc.org.au . If you would like to inquire about catering email catering@ayc.org.au .

AYCafe Supervisor

The ACafe supervisor is a mentor to young people working in AYCafe and AYCatering. In this role we employ an experienced worker with the skills and experience to teach and mentor young people looking for work. 

AYCafe supervisor is also responsible for producing healthy, culturally appropriate food and beverages. AYCafe supervisor also takes responsibility for training in the areas of barista, food preparation and customer service.

Please feel free to email Erny at  erny@ayc.org.au or call us on 02 9646 2122 with any other inquiries  about our cafe.