Our food and our understanding

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AYCatering can provide high quality food for any event or function no matter how big or small.  We provide both hot and cold catering options at a very affordable price. We know that our community is very diverse,  so  our food meets the needs and tastes of many cultures.  

AYCatering service prides itself on providing culturally appropriate food (including halal, vegetarian etc) that brings joy to your community. We  create dishes that cross all the cultures of Western Sydney. A call to AYCatering will allow you to make a menu that meets your cultural, dietary and taste requirements.


Why Choose AYCatering

Quality culturally appropriate food and service at a super competitive price is the key to our business. 

AYCatering is also about people and community. Our service provides free training to  disadvantaged youth,  assisting them to find work in the hospitality industry.  So when you order from AYCatering you get great food and also support young people to learn and find a job.  

Any young person can attend our training no matter what their visa restriction, cultural background, education level, language skills or financial disadvantage.  Young people can gain qualifications in Food Handling, Food Safety, RSA, RCG, Business and commercial cooking for free through our service. When you order from our menu our young people gain great practical experience.

The Cumberland area has youth unemployment rates that are 40% higher than greater Sydney. All the monies earned from AYCatering goes back into the project to support more young people! We are fortunate to have great partners such as Club Dooleys who provide employment opportunities for young people once they have finished their training.

Contacting AYCatering

Ph:  96462122

Email: Catering@ayc.org.au


Our Menus








Download our current menu: catering menu 

How you can pay:

We accept

  • Cash
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Credit Card

Thank you for considering AYCatering. We are proud to be of service to our community. Please feel free to contact us regarding catering or how to become part of the training program.

AYC would like to thank Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club for their ongoing support and Cumberland Council for their upgrade of the commercial kitchen.